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ot the key from under the doormat, no one would think to look there for it, heh heh... opened their door and crept into Chubby's room. There he was, looking like he was thirteen years old. The side of his cute face xnxx. com resting on his hands which he had in the prayer position, his slim body in the fetal position under just a sheet... the thin summer blanket in a ball xnxx tv at the foot of his bed. Deep, steady breathing. I leaned xxnx xnxx hindi over him to enjoy the sexy odor raising xnxx 2019 with the heat from his body. I xnx wanted to kiss tamil xnxx his forehead like you might do to a sleeping child, but I didn't. xnxx korea I went to the other side of the bed and crawled under the covers just like xxx xnxx I'd done two weeks ago. I had to hold my breath because it excited me to be next to him again like this. We'd had xnxx cina the best part of two weeks in Wildwood sleeping together... I missed it so xnxx sex videos much. 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I heard his pee hitting the xnxx telugu toilet water xnxx jepang and a minute later his electric toothbrush xnxx indian starts xnxx porn up. I go, "If I promise not to take it seriously, can we go back to our old ways... like xnxx. in Wildwood?" Finished brushing, Chubby comes back in his bedroom, without the semi-boner, and says, "Nah, it's best we break away from the kid stuff and move on. We'll keep working our japan xnxx jobs, get our drivers license, finance a nice used car... a convertible if porno xnxx you want, and we'll be seniors in high school getting ready for college... and we won't be twelve year olds playing with xnxx videos our peckers." He chuckled, making sort of a joke out of it as he added, "I already told ya all that stuff is my fault. You were the sensible one all along, why xxx video the change?" I told him I'd come around to his xnxx teen way of thinking. "Ever since xxx videos that fight that put you in the hospital, Chubby, well... I've come to appreciate you more and, well, physical contact is a good thing, it's very therapeutic". Chubby goes, "Hey, you're good, Dude, that's compelling rap, but I don't buy it. You're too impressionable and I've mislead you. Now I want to fix it." I said, "It ain't broke" and he says, "It was listing badly" and I say, "What the fuck does that mean?" giving up on the argument, for now. Chubby wanted to take a shower and then he wanted to skip the regular Sunday breakfast for the Moms, "Instead Dylan, how's about you get four breakfast sandwiches... egg, ham, and cheese on English mom xnxx muffins at Dunkin Donuts. We'll have them with coffee. Please, buddy." So off I go to put on some shorts and a Tee and then to get our breakfast. No sense xnxx tamil in wasting time flipping a www xnxx com coin, I always lose anyhow. On the sidewalk, just outside our condo, I sex video hear. "Hey, slick! Hold up." Turning around and xxx video there's Jake swaggering towards me. xnxx anime "What the xnx fuck did you do to your hair now, ya ducebag? Christ kid, www xnxx com you're one of the lucky ones, like me, we got great hair, but you keep getting more and more ridiculous haircuts every fucking time I see you. What's up with that? Here, show me some love, Dylan." He was right xnxx 2019 in xnxx gay front of me with his arms out-stretched like he expected a xnxx vina garut big hug. "Come on kid, don't leave he hanging like this!" I go, "Oh, bokep xnxx Morning Mr... ah, Jake" He's wiggling his finger like... come on, let's hug... so I stepped into him xnx lightly and barely put my arms around him. He gets me in a big bear hug twisting me around slightly to the right, and left, and then right, saying, "Mmmm, you smell good, dude. Bet your boyfriend likes that smell... although, I'm free porn not at all sure he'll like this fucking haircut too much." Even with my head crushed against his shoulder I could smell alcohol on his breath. "You are one good looking kid, alright. Anyone ever tell ya that, Dylan?" I talked into his shoulder, "Oh, thank you, Jake. I believe you mentioned that very thing to me any number of times the first time we met.. it was inside the condo." Jake let loose of the hug, but got an arm around my neck in a semi headlock, put his face down to almost touch mine and said, "You can't help yourself, can ya? xnxx barat You always got to be a smartass, xnxxcom a wiseass punk, don't ya? I'm trying to be nice to you kid, and what do I get from you, huh?" He tightened his hold on my neck until it hurt, I murmured, "I'm, xnxx desi sorry Jake, xnxx japan I swear to God I wasn't trying to be a smartass. I was answering your question." Jake licked my forehead, then with xnxx download his free hand pinched my nostrils together xnxx asia so porno xnxx hard tears ran out of my eyes. He casually xnxx korea said, as he kept the pressure on my nose, "So, you weren't being a smartass... OK, that's good because I wouldn't want to have to smack you around a xxx video little bit and then tell Mommy about you xnxx arab being queer and all. Now would I?" Mucus was filling xnxn up my nose and the tears wouldn't stop. I wasn't crying, it hurt, but I wasn't crying... it's just nxxn that tears run out of my eyes whenever they feel like it. xnxx tamil I have no control over them. I talked in that nasal way you talk when your nose is stopped up, or when it's being brutally pinched, "Please, Jake... please! That hurts and I didn't mean any disrespect to you." He liked that and let go of my nose, mucus ran down to my lip, than around my lip to both sides of my mouth. My face was wet with mucus and tears. sunny leone xnxx Jake xnxx. com got a tight hold on the back of xnxn my neck and shook me a little, "You're kind xnxx 2019 of a pussy, ain't ya? gay xnxx Listen, the reason I'm here... I'll cut to the chase fer ya". He badly xvideo slurred his words as he took out a wrinkled handkerchief from his back pocket and wiped my face. It scratched because of the dried matter on it. I stood perfectly still and used my willpower to keep from gaging. He goes, "Reason I'm here, I xnxx sex need that fucking suitcase cause I got to xnxx japanese go to Vermont this afternoon for business... a fucking indo xnxx overnight trip, two nights as a matter of fact. I worked all night last night and I got to go to fucking Vermont today cause that's what the boss xnnx lady says, the cunt, ya know. So, I had a few quick pops of VO and ginger over the allnight "Teaderman Club" and when I figured you people were up, I came for my suitcast because the cunt says I got a business trip to Vermont." He swayed a xnxx indonesia little putting the handkerchief back in his pocket, but kept a tight grip on the back of my neck. We were maybe two yards from the bottom xnxx cina of the steps leading up to the condo. One would have to think Jake had more than a "few pops" at that club... he xnxx hindi appeared quite drunk. I said, "I'll go get it right now, Mr... Ah, Jake." Still with a hold on my neck he started walking toward my front steps as if he were going with me to get the suitcase, but he stumbled xnxx sex video and dragged me a few paces away from the steps, near the side of the building. "Oh, must have stepped on something" xnxx telugu Jake says, and then straightens up, looks around like he's lost, looks at me with a tough expression on his face and says, "Ya know what I want to do, well, one of the things I want to do evey fucking time I see you? Do ya?" I go, "No, what?" and he got hold of my face with both hands and twists my face toward his and kissed my mouth with a big wet kiss. His tongue worked it's way inside my mouth as I squirmed trying to get away. His tongue was quite nice... firm, but not hard, and he knew how to do the little movements Willie did xnxx asia with his tongue. I was squirming and pushing against his chest with xnxx arab my hands and consequently the kiss didn't last long, but it was intense. When I got my head away, and our mouths separated, and I thought it was over, he darted his head back for another kiss, but he missed my mouth and kissed my nose instead, leaving it wet with xnxx indian boozy spit. Jake stepped xnxx vina garut back then, looking dazed as if he couldn't believe what just happened. porn xnxx His pants poked out some in front. Probably only a semi-boner, he was too drunk for a full boner. I stared at him, but he had no fight left. I said, "I'll get that suitcase for ya, Jake." He waved his hand www.xnxx like I should run along as he fished a crumpled back of cigarettes from his pocket. My heart was pounding because I'd been xxnx afraid of him at first, now I could see how pathetic he was. No, I wasn't feel sorry for him... I wasn't afraid of him anymore, that's all. Up in our condo, site xnxx Mom was still sleeping. The suitcase was in the living room so xnxx sex video I grabbed it, thinking, xnxx .com "Guess I don't have to worry about Jake Rollins anymore. That grope and kiss he laid nxxn on me has turned the tables again. Now I got more on him then he's got on me. Fuck you, Jake!" Down the steps I lugged that suitcase, the wheels didn't do me too much good on the steps. Dropping it in front of Jake, he says, "How bout putting that in the car for me, Dylan." He'd really lost all his bluster by now. I rolled it down to his Saab, which Jake had parked with the front vidio xnxx right wheel up on the curb, and stuffed the suitcase in the back seat. Jake was right behind me. xxn He videos xnxx grabbed my shoulder and I shrugged his xxnxx hands off me and said, "That's enough of that shit Mr Rollins!" He backed-up a step and held his hands up away from him a little to show he meant no harm. He goes, "OK, OK you win xnxx desi stud. Now I can't tell on you because I could then tell you on me, right?" His drunken mind had that fucked-up a little bit, but I knew what he xnxx com/ meant to say and so did he. I started to turn and he goes, "Wait a minute, Dylan. I xnxx porno apologize, here... get yourself something and don't be too hard on ol' Jake" and he fumbled out a twenty dollar bill and tucked it in the front of my Tee shirt. I stared at him and maybe I did feel a little bit sorry for him then, but I didn't xnxx tv say anything. Just stood there as he bumbled into his car, backed up, coming a fraction of an xxxx inch from a telephone pole, xxxx and then took off with a tiny tire squeal. He never looked back. Scratch xnnn that worry off my list. Jake Rollins is no longer a problem, sex videos thanks to him. These bullies are sad cases. This incidence gave me xvideos some resolve in dealing with Joel who might be xnxx mom a problem for me tomorrow at work. I'm not going to back down any more. If I take a beating, so be it. I walked down to get our breakfast while rubbing the back of my wrist against my mouth and nose to scrub away Jake's saliva. desi xnxx The Dunkin Donut bill for four breakfast sandwiches, four home video xnxx fries, and four regular coffees was more than the www xnxx com twenty dollars Jake had given me, but it covered vidio xnxx a lot of it. I'd xnxx download added the home fries to our breakfast menu in honor of Jake's donation. Back at the condo, everyone was moving around by now. Orange juice was out and 92.5 was on the FM dial and I was the hero for buying all the food. I told Mom https // about Mr Rollins picking-up his xnxx com/ suitcase earlier... "He bokep xnxx didn't want to wake ya Mom. Some sort of unexpected xnxx .com business trip." She was disappointed, she had porno wanted to call him later this morning and maybe the two of them could go into Boston for a late lunch. I looked interested, keeping a friendly expression on my face as I thought, "That would be some lunch date. Jake gay xnxx would probably be barfing up his clam chowder." I kept silent though. A guy who gets drunk in the morning, like Jake did, is a problem drinker. Mom will notice that trait sooner or later and he'll be history. After breakfast I xnxx bokep called Willie and got a shock. His voice was so hoarse I xnxx barat could hardly xnxx japanese understand him. He told me he had been feeling sick yesterday when we talked, but he didn't want to say anything about it, hoping it would pass. Then this morning he woke up with a killer sore throat and a fever. He'd already been to an emergency doctor who took a xnxx porno throat culture which indicated Willie has strep throat. Our Tuesday date is off, but according xnxxx to Willie we're going out Saturday even if he's xnxx porn still sick because the following weekend xxxx he'll be in Maine. He couldn't talk much because it hurt his throat and his head to talk. Willie sounded so weak, not like he usually is at all. He asked me not to call japanese xnxx until Friday when he hoped he'd feel better. I said, "I'm so sorry you're sick, Willie. I love you so much. Just wanted you to know, I love you Willie and I can't wait till friday when xnxx I can talk to you again." He was quiet for a bit, coughed and whispered, "That's the best medicine I could have, Dylan. Thank you xnxx. for saying that. You know how much I love you. Bye." After he hung up I lay back on the video xnxx bed and let it sink in that xnxx hot I bokep xnxx really was in love. It desi xnxx hurt some because I wanted to be with him. Jumping off the bed I went to my computer and wrote him a long email... well, actually it was a mushy love letter telling him how important xnxx/ he is in my life, and how much I love him, and how grateful I am that he picked me to be his boyfriend, and how xnxx stories I look up to him, and how I want to follow his lead because I admire him so much. After I hit "send" I had second thoughts that maybe I over did it in the email, but I had all these emotions going around in my head and it just seemed xnxx bokep Willie was the best thing I had going for me at the moment. Actually, I felt like a teenaged girl with a wicked crush on the captain of the football team. I love him... but, xxx I mean, Willie is so much more sophisticated then me, has done so many more things, is totally comfortable in either the gay or the straight world... so, I xnxx japan love him, but I guess he's also kind of like my idol too. I felt like crying because I needed to wait until Saturday before seeing him again, feeling him xnxx indo inside me, being with him. It's already been a week since I saw him the last time, that great weekend in Sea Isle City. Chubby came down from his place calling for me, he was in running shorts and he wanted to run. I thought that would be a good way to get my mind off Willie so I put on some shorts and sneakers and away we went. We ran xnxx videos without talking for awhile as I tried getting a grip on my emotions about Willie... Chubby was contemplating something too, God only knows what. Then, when I tried to bring up the discussion from last night, Chubby, with a grin, goes, "Oh God! Dylan, you're sex like a fucking nag. We covered every possible angle of that topic last night." I just nodded my head to myself... last night he'd said we could xnxx cina talk about it today all I wanted. I knew he wouldn't want to though. Some time in the future www.xnxx I'll xnxx jav find out the whole story, but for now Chubby is in a good mood so I'll enjoy that. Just before the cut-off for the rest area I saw vina garut xnxx a stocky kid jogging oddly in the opposite direction. He was running as if his ass hurt xnxx/ and xnxx korea I'm thinking, The Marine! The kid was late teens, Ok looking, although not really what ya'd call sex xnxx cute. Something about the way he moved made me thing "gay". So I'd already thought "Marine" and now I'm thinking "gay teen" which might add-up to... the Marine has himself another "boy". I say to Chubby, xnxx. "Ya gotta pee or anything? We can hit the rest area." Chubby's winded and just sex mumbled, "yeah"... so we make the turn-off and, xnnx half way up the path, here comes the Marine. I say to Chubby, "Go ahead, I want to ask this guy something" and Chubby just nods his head and keeps xnxx going. Stopping a zoo xnxx little ways in front of Tom, he sees me, slows down and stops in front of me to say, "So, my ex, best, most favorite gay boy, Dylan. Is your computer broken?" I go, "No, it's not. I've been on vacation for the last two weeks in New xnxx mom Jersey, but that's not why I didn't email you. Was that a friend of your's I saw down the trail a ways? Stocky, ponytailed kid." The Marine says, "Yeah, he's your replacement. See why I valued you so much?" I said, "I was new to sex when you first met me and now I'm not. You took advantage of me then, but no more. I'm all grown-up already. No hard feelings, xnxx sex video I xnxx indonesia learned things from you, but now I know that you're too old and too dominant for my liking. xnxx telugu See ya!" and I jogged to the rest area without looking back. He xnxx hot never said another word, but the tense expression he had didn't look promising. He looked xnxxcom barely under control, as in... pissed-off! I was disrespecting him in his eyes, but... Hey! How about people disrespecting me, does that count too? Huh? I know, I'm getting cocky, but it's the mood I'm in. I got my boyfriend who I don't mind taking a xnxx selingkuh back seat to, but I'm done being a second class citizen in everyday life. xvideos It's possible to disrespect me too, ya know... especially when I respect myself xvideo first, and I'm doing that now. Oh, hell... I'm probably going off free porn the deep end here. Fake macho self-indulgence or something. There are things going on that have me all shook up... like I'm so disappointed xnxx porn Chubby and me are headed xnxx movies in the wrong direction with the intimacy thing, and, japan xnxx on the other hand, a good thing... the way that Jake situation worked-out to my benefit so easily, and just now blowing xnxx video the Marine off... that was another good thing. Not that I had much to do with either of those things happening the xxnxx xnxx india way they did. Oh hell, just a bunch of odd stuff going on in my life at wwwxnxx the xnxx bokep moment, that's all... it's all making me act uncharacteristically like a tough guy. vina garut xnxx Oh fuck! It's probably mostly the thing with Chubby that has me acting like www xnxx a tiger. It had all been just a tease in Wildwood... our intimacy, my hopes started building up... now it's all lost and it hurts. But, like I said, I got my boyfriend Willie who I love and can www.xnxx xnxx sex videos depend japanese xnxx on. I'll lean on Willie for support. I was sitting on the bench thinking these mixed-up thoughts when Chubby came out of the xnxx gay lavatory wanting to know what I'd https // said to that "hard looking guy". I gave him a short lie about me needing to run alone right after he, Chubby, had gotten his indian xnxx window washing job and this guy was always there when I ran and I hadn't seen him for awhile and how I just wanted to say, "Hi, wassups". Chubby stared at me with a smirk on his face, then blurted out a laugh and said, "You're lying again, dude. Jeez, you're funny." That was sunny leone xnxx it. We jogged on and I'm thinking, "Would I let that go so easily if the roles were reversed?" Chubby just says, "Ha! liar!" and that's it, he doesn't press for the details.... weird. That afternoon we watched a baseball game in the recliner together, but Chubby wasn't pressed up against my side and he did not hump my leg or want to massage my feet. I assume he's getting xxx xnxx that video xnxx stuff satisfied elsewhere. This turn of events sucks! ***************** DYLAN'S DILEMMA PART 10 ****************** Chapter three Monday morning and back to work. I xxnxx missed seeing Chubby this morning because he's turning over a new leaf at work... he's starting it off today by being the first xnxx/ one on the job. Good for mom xnxx him, I think. My usual bus had the usual suspects on it, we nodded to one another, I hit fist with my sex videos hospital worker friend, and then I sat in my usual seat in the back. Nice boner from the bus ride, and then it was the same familiar walk to the Dickers' building. Everything looked the same, but I still felt jumpy and apprehensive. Maybe it was concern about how I'd be handling the inevitable Joel confrontation, or maybe it was just a case of nerves on my first day back to work... almost sex like the way I felt on my very first day, weeks ago. I spotted the Dickers' pick-up truck and hustled through the door, all of a sudden anxious to see Robbie. First thing in the door though, I got a big hug and an ass grope from Toby who lisped he had missed me "something awful you naughty boy! Never take another vacation, I couldn't bear it. Oh xnxx app my dear mother, I love that earring on you, Dylan. It's outstanding!" He's a good guy and an easy-going crew chief, so I hugged back a little. "Hi" to the other guys sex videos and then "Hi" to the college guys in the locker room who yelled xnxn at porn videos me, actually yelled at me, "From now on you're not allowed near a fucking barber shop without a note from home!" They ragged on me something terrible about my xnxx jav authentic xnxx com flattop. Joel walked right by me without giving me a glance, my porn heart pounding as I watched porn him disappear around a corner... that was followed by a big bear hug from behind. Believe it or not, I immediately knew it porn videos was Robbie because he japanese xnxx smelled like Robbie. I could be blindfolded and still pick certain boys out of a crowd by their smell. "Dylan" he yelled, as I xnxx selingkuh wrestled around to return his hug, face to face. It made me feel gay xnxx so good that Robbie was excited to see me. "I've got your coffee at my locker, Dylan. Come on back". As we headed to Robbie's locker, he says, porn xnxx over his shoulder, "That flattop is way too short, Dylan, do xnxx asia you like it?" I told him it was an unexpected and unwanted happening and then we dropped that topic to tell each other how great it was to see one another again... we said it about a half dozen times. We both were acting a little nervous and it made us do a lot of quick touching and xnxx hd hesitant interrupting of each other as we started to tell things to one another. Realizing just how much I missed Robbie and our mutual massages, our general closeness as buddies too, it took me by surprise, that's all. He acted shy when he asked, xxnn "Do you think we should do the massage, Dylan?" I said, "Sure, if ya want to." And I started to sit down at indo xnxx the same time he was sitting down, and then we both jumped up bumping into one another, and we both said, "You can go first" simultaneously. It was sex video awkward and silly, but at xnxx videos the same time a little bit sweet too. I felt that nice closeness to Robbie again very quickly, tamil xnxx it was as if we actually did have a special thing going on between us. Oh well, obviously we do... the massages are special and unusual, but I think I sensed an even deeper connection then that. Absence makes the heart grow fonder... that kind xnxx jav of thing, maybe. The depth of that feeling is one more thing that took me by surprise, although it was also very pleasant. Robbie looked extra xnxx hd cute this morning. His xnxx com beautiful complexion with the rosy blotches in his cheeks and the bright blue eyes that were so bright they seemed to be spot-lighted from behind. I'd sorta forgotten how hot Robbie is. He's got the same light blond hair I have, at the moment a lot more of it then me. His was in the video porno original flattop style I'd had the last time he saw me. 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Same general body shape, but take the T shirts off and Robbie has all xxx videos the muscle definition that I don't have, except video porno for my biceps which are OK. He's something nice to xnxx indo look at. Robbie looking back at me now with a questioning wwwxnxx expression xnxxx on his face made me snap-out of my ogling... "Sorry Robbie, you know how I space out once in a while". Then, a nervous laugh," Ha ha" followed with, "How about I do you first." He sat down and the first thing I did was massage his head of hair. You know what? I think I missed my hair. I liked the original flattop alright and I hope that's what Willie will want us to go back to. After vigorously massaging Robbie's head I smelled my hands and they screamed Robbie Dickers, xnxx com/ and no one else. But wait, japan xnxx that's not true... Robbie's brother xnxx hot Dodger smells just like him. They're both very sexy boys. I massaged Robbie's neck and shoulders and then around to his chest and down onto his belly some, getting a little bit close to his crotch. Neither one of us has ever had, or even seen a professional massage, we just xnxx com fake it and grope different parts of each other's bodies as we go along. porno I xnxx indian needed to lean over Robbie from behind to reach his belly button and the sides of our faces would rub together xnxx anime occasionally. His porn xnxx body was choice as I've said, both he and his xnxx movies brother have those natural athletic bodies, very toned and fun to grab and rub, pretending to massage. Moving up to hi